Vedic Sexual Code Enjoy a Complete and Fulfilling Relationship with Your Lover


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Would it not be interesting to know if your partner was as sexually energetic as you? Would it not be great if you can tell which day love making would be more enjoyable for you? Would it not be great if you can explain why your sexual session with your partner was a failure the other day? How about if you knew exactly all the best ways to satisfy your partner sexually; then the marriage will be a guaranteed success! How about a science that can explain all your sexual problems and cure them without the need for Viagra-like medicines.It is important to note that there are many sexual advisory books in the market starting with the oldest ,. «THE KAMA SUTRA» of the ancient Aryans, «THE PERFUME GARD etc. WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK DIFFERENT is that this book not only incorporates the science of those great epics, it also uses the Vedic Code of Science where a person’s individual karma is matched against the partner’s karma so that the negative effects can be eliminated and the positive effects of the couple can be maxmimized and pleasure can be enjoyed equally in sexual , mental, physical , conversational and vocational stimulation and so on. When there is a lack of sex, severe spiritual and physical illness are generated as a result of building up of sexual energy. Each of us need to understand that the underlying force behind Human Existence is the need for LOVE, SEX and PHYSICAL TOUCH. Lacking of this basic energy creates imbalance in our human body thus producing bad anomalies in our life. Remember LOVE is equal to GOD . Lack of sex in our life create quarrels, disagreements, separation, increased lonliness, lack of good food, back pains, prostate problems, skin problems from unhealthy eating, etc…

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