The four seasons way of life. Ancient wisdOm for healing and personal growth


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Do you experience depression, anxiety, back pain, neck pain, allergies, joint pain, hypertension, headaches, indigestion, or other health problems?

Do you find it more and more difficult to concentrate? Do you hunger for inner peace?

Building on the healing practices of acupressure, acupuncture, and applied kinesiology, entwined with the ancient wisdom of Chinese philosophy, the Law of the Five Elements, the Law of the Four Seasons, and seasoned with biblical principles, this comprehensive guide to healing reveals the hidden causes of pain and suffering in present-day life.

By following the steps outlined in the Four Seasons Way of Life, you can free yourself from tension, pain, and suffering. The Four Seasons System is a way of rebalancing your life and obtaining health, peak performance, peace of mind, and success in all areas of your life, including relationships, finances, business, and sports.

In this unique personal development book, you’ll discover:

  • A personal inventory for you to pinpoint what destructive behaviors and patterns you may have    that can be preventing you from performing and feeling your best.
  • A powerful exercise on getting clear on what you want in order to obtain it.
  • How to Meditate in a single breath for less than 20 seconds to bring peace to any stressful moment.
  • An explanation of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), their uses and case
  • samples to help apply to your everyday life.
  • Diagrams of meridian, organ points and symptom overviews.
  • Explanations of Chi, Acupuncture Points, Meridians, and the Twelve Organ Systems.

It took Tobe Hanson 30 years of research, over 100,000 patient visits, and 6 years of writing, to clarity 5,000-year-old Eastern wisdom in modern Western terms.

Take the first step on your journey; read the Four Seasons Way of Life and start feeling good now.

"Everybody has something they can learn from these teachings. Whether you're experiencing chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, or any other physical or mental fatigue, there is tremendous value in learning the sources of our imbalances, and seeking the path towards harmony."   

Todd Serverin MD


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