Return to Health Overcoming the Unimaginable and Beating the Odds


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For three long years, the entire Kuhn family suffered through a mysterious illness that no doctor could identify. They had been everywhere and tried everything. MRIs, CT scans, diagnostic ultrasounds, panels of blood work, hormone testing, urinalysis; you name it, they did it. Visiting general practitioners, emergency room doctors, specialists in every field of medicine and several different hospitals provided no answers.
They were in trouble. Dr. Rob Kuhn, his wife, Wendy, and their three children, Alex, Nick, and Nolan, rode this rollercoaster of misdiagnosis and non-diagnosis nearly all the way to their graves. Finally in May of 2008, through a truly synchronistic event, they discovered that they were being attacked by a deadly biotoxin. At last, they had an answer.
Sadly, the new challenge became the fact that traditional medicine has a very poor track record in treating biotoxic illness. Another solution had to be found. In Return to Health, Dr. Kuhn shares with you the challenges that his family faced and how they were able to overcome them through the use of functional medicine techniques. Inspired by his own health turnaround, he changed the focus of his practice and began taking care of people with chronic conditions.
Now board certified in integrative medicine, Dr. Kuhn enjoys the rewarding feeling of helping people whose health problems are the worst of the worst. Autoimmune conditions, type-II diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, biotoxic illness, and those strange mystery conditions are all in a day’s work for this natural healthcare physician.
This situation may sound familiar to you. You may be watching your health deteriorate while getting no answers. If you have been suffering with health problems that nobody has been able to figure out, read Return to Health.

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